Hello and welcome everyone to a Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.15.6 Mod showcase. Today for you I have the updated commands mod this adds over 40+ commands to your game to improve survival with things such as co-ordinates, kill all, enchant, weather and more! if you enjoy this and want more HIT that LIKE button SHARE and FAV!

COMMANDS IN 0.15.6! Minecraft Pocket Edition Simple Commands MOD (Pocket Edition) 



Most of the commands are fully functional. However, be careful because some of them can crash your device.

Parameter Explanations:

<> = required parameter
[] = optional parameter

  • /memwarn – logs a memory warning to the device’s log
  • /setskin <alex|steve> – supposed to change skin to one of the default ones, currently doesn’t seem to work
  • /export <levelName> – supposed to export active world as a .zip or .mcworld format (crashes currently)
  • /import <levelName> – supposed to import a world (crashes currently)
  • /longpick – increases the mining range, mine blocks from afar
  • /screenshot [fileName] – supposed to capture a screenshot (crashes currently)
  • /exportshots [fileName] – supposed to export screenshots as .zip file (crashes currently)
  • /wipeout – removes all entities around you
  • /timeset <value> – change the time of day (0 = day, 12000 = night)
  • /timeadd <value> – adds time to the current world time value
  • /timelock <value> – locks the time to the value in the parameter, if value is not specified then it will use the active value
  • /timestop [0|1] – similar to above, different parameter, 0 = stop time, 1 = continue time
  • /give <player> <itemId> [itemCount] [itemData] – gives a player an item of selected amount and itemdata
  • /player <flagName> – gives user a super ability (available flags: noclip, fly, instabuild, nodamage)
  • /health <value> – sets player health to specified value
  • /hunger <value> – sets player hunger to specified value
  • /getpos [player] – displays the position info for selected player, if no value specified then it gives user position info
  • /gethealth [player] – get health for selected player, if not value specified then it gives user health
  • /tp <x> <y> <z> – teleports user to designated location
  • /jmp <height> – forces player to jump specified height
  • /effect <effectName> [seconds] [amplifier]  – adds effect
  • /xp <value> – gives player experience
  • /lvl <value> – gives experience levels
  • /enchant [enchantmentId] [level] – enchants player’s held item with specified enchantment and level, if no values selected then random enchantment
  • /disenchant – removes enchantment on carried item
  • /clearInventory [player] – clears inventory of selected player, if no value specified then clears user inventory
  • /rain [rainTime] [rainLevel] – control the rain
  • /lightning [lightningTime] [lightningLevel] – invokes a set of lightnings in your world
  • /summon [entityName|villagerProfessionName] – spawns specified entity, if villager profession is specified instead of entity name then a villager of that profession will spawn. Available entities / profession names:
    • arrow
    • snowball
    • thrownegg
    • painting
    • minecartrideable
    • largefireball
    • smallfireball
    • thrownpotion
    • boatrideable
    • fishinghook
    • chicken
    • cow
    • pig
    • sheep
    • wolf
    • ocelot
    • villager
    • mushroomcow
    • squid
    • bat
    • rabbit
    • horse
    • irongolem
    • bat
    • snowgolem
    • witch
    • zombie
    • zombievillager
    • creeper
    • skeleton
    • spider
    • pigzombie
    • slime
    • enderman
    • silverfish
    • cavespider
    • ghast
    • lavaslime
    • blaze
    • player
    • lightning
    • Villager
    • Profession names: farmer, librarian, priest, smith, butcher
  • /gamemode [gamemode] – changes gamemode, if none specified then it will switch to the opposite one
  • /tick – displays current tick (gamespeed)
  • /tickset <tick> – sets tick to new value (gamespeed)
  • /kit [kitName] – works only in creative mode
    Kit names:

    • minecart
    • redstone
    • wool
    • blockui
  • /setworldspawn – sets world spawnpoint to sender’s position
  • /spawning – toggles natural mob spawning
  • /backup – backups your Minecraft PE world
  • Debug (Advanced):
    • /aigoals
    • /bounds
    • /paths
    • /villages
    • /log
    • /profile

Since I could not install and use the mod myself which I do in most cases I can’t provide any great screenshots. But here are a few ones which were submitted by the developer:

I know this is a legit developer who have created great mods in the past so you can feel safe downloading it.